Landforms and Erosion

An Online Experience for Fourth Graders


As part of our science unit this marking period, we have been learning all about landforms and erosion.  We have talked about different landforms and how wind, water, and time effect them.  This activity will allow you to learn some more about landforms, and decide which on you would like to live on.  


Through the completion of these tasks, students will:

Learn All About It!

Show What You Have Learned

  1. Choose two of the landforms you have studied.  In Kidspiration, create a venn diagram showing the similarities and differences between the two types of landforms.  Here's how:
  2. Choose the landform you think you would most like to like in.  Using Microsoft Word, tell why you chose this landform.  What are the erosion threats?  What can be done to protect against erosion.  
  3. Create an Excel grid and apply the relief map of the United States as the backdrop.  Using comments, label the landforms.  Here's how:
  4. Evaluate your work by using the rubric below.

How Did You Do?


Score of Ten

Score of Six

Score of Two

Score of Zero

Venn Diagram Five or more similarities and five or more differences are accurately listed Three to four similariities and three to four differences are accurately listed One or two similarities and one or two differences are listed No similarities or differences are listed
Landform Drawing All three questions are answered completely and correctly Two of the questions are answered completely and correctly One of the questions are answered completely and correctly None of the questions are answered completely or correctly
Map Of United States Includes five or more landforms Includes three or four landforms Includes one or two landforms No landforms are labeled